About Us

Pioneers in crafting tailor-made window blinds, we’ve been at the forefront of the industry since 2008. Our dedicated team at WoodenBlinds.co.uk meticulously designs and manufactures window blinds, proudly operating from our factory in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

We strive to offer top-quality blinds at the most competitive prices, catering to homes and offices throughout the UK and Ireland!

We’re on a mission to ensure that choosing us once makes you a lifelong member of the WoodenBlinds.co.uk family. Your satisfaction is our commitment.

Our commitment to you:

  • At WoodenBlinds.co.uk, we pledge to deliver top-notch Service: Simplicity, Speed, Expertise, and Value.
  • We actively seek and appreciate your feedback: Be it positive, negative, or in between. Our team comprises knowledgeable window blind enthusiasts, ready to assist you through live chat, phone (01134001950), e-mail ([email protected]), Instagram (@woodenblinds.co.uk), or in-person at our factory.
  • We respect your time: Swiftly initiating production upon order placement to ensure timely blind delivery within the specified timeframes.
  • Our meticulous supplier selection process prioritises quality and safety: Aligning with the standards cherished by our customers. We source products globally, with a preference for UK suppliers whenever feasible.
  • Embracing a hype-free fashion culture: We offer practical style insights, welcome your thoughts, and value a constructive dialogue.

Welcome to WoodenBlinds.co.uk

While we may not be the largest supplier, our focus is on being the best.

We don’t get bogged down by competitors; our business thrives on solid, enduring foundations, not mere hype!

Explore our products, order samples, and challenge us. Our fantastic product range speaks for itself. Need assistance? Chat with our team; we’re here to help.

Now that you’re acquainted with WoodenBlinds.co.uk, take the plunge! Purchase from our website, follow us on Instagram (@WoodenBlindsUK), drop an email ([email protected]), or give us a ring (01274 214466).

Your satisfaction is our priority!