PayPal Buy Now, Pay Later

You’ve now got two options to pay with PayPal: pay now, or spread the cost of your orders over three payments using PayPal’s “Pay in 3” facility. You only need a PayPal account. Once logged in, simply choose from the options below.

Pay Now

Exactly what it sounds like; simply pay in full when you order using your Paypal account.

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Pay in 3

For orders totaling £30 or more with, you have the option to divide your total into three payments, with no set-up fees. Your initial payment will be charged during checkout, followed by payments 2 and 3 in month 1 and month 2 from your purchase date. You can monitor your remaining account balance in PayPal and, if you prefer, settle the amount early without incurring any penalties.

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To use PayPal Pay in 3, you’ll need:

1. A UK Bank account

2. Age 18 or older

3. A UK residential address

4. A PayPal account with a linked debit card

This option allows you to split payments into three parts, aiding in budgeting. Before opting for any “Pay Later” choice at checkout, consider your finances.

PayPal Pay in 3 is subject to status and available to UK residents only, with applicable terms and conditions.

It may affect your credit score, and a soft search credit check might be conducted during application. This check is visible only to you and does not impact others.

Buyer Protection still applies to eligible Pay in 3 purchases, as per Paypal’s Buyer Protection terms.