In simple terms, our goal is to produce the finest quality window blinds.

With our in-house manufacturing facility, we ensure that the products we sell meet the highest standards, allowing us to confidently offer a 3-Year Guarantee on ALL our products.

This comprehensive guarantee covers all components, mechanisms, cords, and chains. While some exclusions apply, such as a 1-Year Guarantee on fading and general wear for fabrics, we stand by the quality of our work.

Within the first year since delivery, we cover any labour and delivery expenses. For blinds over a year old, we won’t cover labour, collection, and delivery, but we provide a quote for the required works, covering the cost of components and cords.

Customer-initiated returns for repair or inspection should be securely packaged, and we may request photographic evidence to facilitate quality control inspections.

There are some conditions and exclusions:

Product One Year Three Year Exclusions
Wooden Blinds No Colour Fade, Paint Flake, Warpage
Wooden Blinds Mechanism Yes Wear & Tear

Legal Bits

This guarantee is specific to products supplied by

We hold no liability for any direct or indirect damage, fire, personal injury, loss, costs, expenses, or incidents beyond our control.

The guarantee does not affect your consumer statutory rights under UK law.

For queries or complaints, we may request digital images communicated via email to [email protected].

We feel that our guarantee is straightforward, and while we trust it addresses your concerns, our Customer Services team is ready to assist with any questions or issues regarding our services or products.