Child Safety

Safety at home is crucial. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways that our blinds have been made safer for children and other vulnerable people.

Cord/Chain Operated Blinds

Blinds are a stylish solution for light control and privacy in homes. Traditionally, these blinds are managed through hanging cords or chains, but safety concerns arise, especially for households with small children.

To enhance safety:

  • Regulatory restrictions limit the length of cords and chains, placing them out of children’s reach.
  • Tensioner devices maintain tautness, reducing the risk of entanglement.
  • Chain-break connectors and breakaway tassels ensure cords break under excessive tension.
  • Cleats, mounted out of children’s reach, provide secure storage for cords and chains between uses.

Designed for Safety: Cord-Free Alternatives

Contemporary blinds now offer cordless alternatives, eliminating the potential hazards associated with cords and chains. This cord-free approach includes gear- and wand-operated blinds, along with the rising trend of motorised blinds, thanks to advancements in battery and motor technology.

These “safe by design” options prioritise the well-being of children.

With remote control, smartphone, tablet, and voice command compatibility, motorised blinds provide a secure and child-friendly operation, ensuring peace of mind for parents.

Should You Replace or Update Your Existing Blinds?

Wondering what to do with blinds operated by hanging cords or chains? Consider upgrading to cord-free alternatives whenever feasible, as there are child-safe options available for various blind styles.

For windows incompatible with cordless alternatives, where cord- or chain-operated blinds remain the sole option, enhance safety with:

  • Cleats: Safely store cords and chains out of children’s reach.
  • Tensioners: Keep cords and chains taut to reduce entanglement risks.
  • Chain-Break Connectors and Breakaway Tassels: Ensure cords and chains break under excessive tension, prioritising child safety.

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