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Off White Luxury Real Wood

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  • *Fitting Option

    Fitting Option


    Inside Window Recess (Recess Size)

    Measure the width of the window recess in 3 places as shown in the diagram below, using the smallest of the 3 measurements.

    Measure the drop of the window recess in 3 places, using the smallest of the 3 measurements.

    Note: Do not make any deductions - the drop of the blind includes the headrail. We will deduct an industry standard of 5mm each side (10mm total) from the width, so your blind fits inside the window recess without rubbing your walls.

    Bracket to Bracket:

    Windows Where Brackets Installed First (Bracket to Bracket):

    Measure the exact width from the one outside bracket to the other outside bracket, using this measurement only.

    Measure the exact drop of the blind you would like to cover in 3 places, using the largest of these 3 measurements.

    Note: The blind will come at this exact size – the drop of the blind includes the headrail. We will deduct 5mm in total from the blind width, so that your blind freely sits into the box brackets.


    Outside Window Recess (Exact Size):

    Measure the exact width of the blind you would like to cover in 3 places as shown in the diagram, using the largest of these 3 measurements.

    Measure the exact drop of the blind you would like to cover in 3 places, using the largest of these 3 measurements.

    Note: The blind will come at this exact size – the drop of the blind includes the headrail. The box brackets at either side of the headrail will add approx. 2mm each side. (edited)

  • *Tapes

    Tape Colour

    Choose your preferred 25mm tape colour, choose your own or stay safe with
    "Recommended", the default tape we offer for your blind colour.

    Hessian Tapes:

    Chalk (Recommended)













    Light Beige










  • Slat Size

    Slat Size

    This value indicates your desired size for the slats on your blind, the number of slats on your blind will change depending on your chosen slat size. The bigger the slat size, the less slats in the blind and the more light will enter your room through the daytime.

  • *Controls


    Choose the layout of the controls for your blind, we offer "Standard (Left Tilt, Right Raise)", "Both Right" and "Both Left" configurations.

  • *Stained Ends

    Stained Ends

    The stained ends option relates to the finish on the ends of each blind slat where they have been cut to size. This is a recommended option for blinds fit outside of the Recess or Bay Windows!

    Not Stained:


  • *Pelmet Option

    Pelmet Option

    Pelmets (also known as a fascia) are supplied with every blind, and are there to give a truly elegant finish to your blinds. The pelmet covers the headrail, to provide an excellent finish. We have three options you can choose from, depending on the measurement type.

    Flush Cut To Size:

    The pelmet inside the box will be cut to your width entered, depending on the measurement type below. Both ends of the pelmet will be cut straight.

    If you select a "Recess" measurement, we will cut the pelmet 2mm less than the width you enter (so it fits snugly inside the recess)

    If you select an "Exact" measurement, we will cut the pelmet exactly at the width you enter.

    If you select a "Bracket to Bracket" measurement, we will cut the pelmet exactly at the width you enter.

    Pelmet Cut with Returns:

    The pelmet inside the box will be cut to your width entered, both ends will be mitred and both pelmet returns included within the box.

    The only measurement type associated with this pelmet option is "Exact", as this option is generally used for when the blind is fitted outside the recess. This option covers the exposed ends of the blind and brackets.

    The returns are two 75mm pieces of wood which are mitred and fit perfectly with the front face pelmet to provide a professional finish.


    The pelmet inside the box is left uncut, to the full box width. One end will be mitred, and one end will be cut straight. We will also supply two pelmet returns which are both mitred.

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Off White Luxury Real Wood Wooden Blind

Discover enduring sophistication and practical ingenuity with our stunning Off White Luxury Real Wood wooden blinds. These wood blinds not only enhance the aesthetics of your indoor spaces but also deliver effective light management and privacy, creating the ideal atmosphere for any occasion. Setting them up is a breeze, and the user-friendly controls allow for effortless adjustment of light levels.

Easy Installation
Easily set up your wood Venetian blinds using just basic tools, no tradesman needed!

Light control
Take charge of the natural light in your living space with ease. Our real wood blinds offer a user-friendly solution to adjust light levels across your home, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere.

A hard-wearing blind
Our British-made real wood blinds are built to withstand the test of time and daily use, ensuring they remain an elegant and long-lasting addition to your home.

Customisable tapes
Tailor your real wood blinds to your taste with or without tapes, and explore a range of tape colours, including matching and contrasting options.

Authentically timeless
The timeless charm quality hardwood, with its rich, natural textures, endows our real wood blinds with an enduring allure.

Light and easy
Made from lightweight materials, our real wood blinds are designed for easy adjustment, allowing you to achieve the optimal lighting and privacy levels.

Naturally insulating
Harness the natural insulating properties of wood with our real wood blinds, helping you maintain a comfortable temperature indoors.

Choose your slat width
Discover the wood Venetian for your decor with our range of real wood blinds, featuring slat sizes including 35mm and 50mm.

Coordinated components
Our real wood blinds include perfectly coordinated cords with matching valance, bottom rail and toggles. It’s a harmony of colour!

Add depth and character to your space with our wood Venetian blinds, whose strong tone beautifully contrasts with light colours like white and cream.

Same Day Dispatch & 'Free Fast Track' Upgrade

For items eligible for same-day dispatch and free next-day delivery, please note that this is a production upgrade within the factory and not a courier service. Orders must be placed before 11 am, and all items in the order must qualify. For orders placed after 11 am, qualifying items will be dispatched the next working day.

While we dispatch all items on a next-day service, due to the unique nature of our freight, our delivery partners request that we allow 2 working days for any item sent by us.

To benefit from our free promotion production upgrades, select these during checkout. A delivery fee applies to orders under our £179.00 threshold, irrespective of any free production promotion advertised on individual products.

The Headrail

All our TradeChoice Starwood Blind headrails are made from very strong PVC material – colour co-ordinated to match the blind colour as closely as possible.

The Bottom Bar

All our TradeChoice Starwood Blind bottom bars are hollow, so we include a set of plastic, colour co-ordinated end caps with each blind. The end caps are usually inserted in production, but occasionally these may be left in the bracket box for the customer to install. In this case, simply slot each end cap into the bottom bar profile – no tools needed.

The Brackets

All necessary brackets and components are included in your delivery. We do not include fixing screws or wall plugs as different windows require different fixings. It’s straightforward to fit the blinds using our universal brackets. These can be face, side or top fixed to the window, wall or lintel.

The Controls

As standard, our blinds are supplied with a Right Hand Raise and Left Hand Tilt operation. For TradeChoice Starwood Venetian Blinds, we do not offer the facility to switch the control sides.

The Ends

We cut our blinds from pre-manufactured box sizes. As a result, the ends will be unfinished and the plastic material is visible when viewed side on. This is self coloured and does not pose any concerns – whether fitted inside or outside a window Recess.

The Pelmet

We leave the pelmet “Uncut” at the standard box size. We recommend you use a standard hacksaw to cut the pelmet to size. The pelmet arrives mitred on one side only – as standard we include both mitre pieces. Within each product page, we offer “Flush Cut to Size” and “Pelmet Cut & Mitred With Returns” options for an additional cost. The Mitred Returns will always be sent separately from the pelmet to prevent them from breaking in transit. The fixings to join these together are all included in your delivery.

The Blind Length

We manufacture the drop to be as close as possible to the measurement you submit, without going under. Occasionally the blind may be slightly longer than the specified drop.

The Ladders

We cannot alter the ladder spacings, so the width of your blind will determine number of ladders. Please contact us if you require to know the specific number of ladders in any blind.

Tolerances & Weight

All our blinds are meticulously crafted by highly skilled professionals and are made to measure.

Given the custom nature of our products, there is a Width tolerance of +/- 5mm and a Drop tolerance of +/- 10mm on all Recess, Exact Blind Size, and Bracket to Bracket measurement options. While we strive for accuracy, these tolerances account for machinery and saw blades used in the cutting process.

Wooden Blinds, due to their bespoke cutting, may have small chips on slat edges, with those of 1mm or less falling within our tolerance, invisible at a meter’s distance.

Wooden and Faux Wooden Blinds may arrive with minor scratches on the headrail, covered by the supplied Pelmet/Valance.

Blinds over 2000mm wide, especially Faux Wood, are naturally heavier. Opt for motorization or split larger windows into smaller blinds if concerned about weight. When raising/lowering blinds, use one hand to assist. A bow/sag of up to 2% of the blind’s width in the raised position is normal. addresses issues on a case-by-case basis to ensure customer satisfaction.

Child Safety

As proud members of the British Blinds & Shutter Association (BBSA), we prioritize the safety of young children. Our commitment is reflected in the blinds we manufacture, adhering to the British & European Safety Standards (BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014) guidelines.

All our blinds come equipped with a cleat, securely fastening cords to the wall with a clear cord tidy. A breakaway cord condenser is pre-fitted to lift cords, ensuring a safe breakaway in case of horizontal force, eliminating hazardous loops.

For Venetian blinds, cord drops longer than 1000mm are never manufactured. We strongly recommend ensuring the bottom of the cords is at least 1500mm from the floor after installation. While cords of 1000mm may be challenging to reach on high windows, contact us with your Install Height, and we can advise on longer cords, always following the 1500mm guideline.

Product Images

Our product images serve as illustrative representations. Although we strive for accuracy, factors may affect how colours, textures, or finishes appear on your device. To ensure satisfaction, we recommend ordering a free sample before purchase. Our samples are dispatched via first-class mail on the same day, allowing you to assess colours, textures, and finishes first-hand.

How do I measure for my Wooden Blinds?

It’s straightforward to measure for our wooden blinds. How you measure will depend on the way you want your blinds to fit – inside the recess or outside of it. For step-by-step instructions, see our full measuring guide for wooden blinds.

How do I install my Wooden Blinds

We provide a full fitting guide with each of our wooden blinds. This can be downloaded from our website, along with a short demonstration video. Please read and watch these carefully before installation to ensure the best fit for your wooden blinds.

How do I clean my Wooden Blinds?

You can clean your faux wood blinds by running a damp cloth over the slats. For real wood blinds, we recommend dusting them with a dry cloth or hoovering with the dust attachment.

How do Wooden Blinds differ from other blinds?

If you want a classic yet flexible solution to your room, wooden blinds can’t be beaten for their timeless, stylish look. You can even choose from real wood or faux and from a broad selection of finishes to create the perfect style.

When should I order to get my blinds the next day?

We offer a same day despatch service for all orders placed before 11am Monday to Friday. If you place your order before 11am on a weekday, we will get your blinds out to our couriers on the same day, so you can expect them to be delivered the next working day.

When will I get my blinds if I order over the weekend?

For any orders placed between 11am on Friday and 11am on the following Monday, delivery can be expected on the following Tuesday. This means that we don’t need to warehouse your made-to-measure blinds, ensuring they reach you in the best possible condition.

What do I do if I need to change my delivery time or have questions about my order?

We rely on dependable couriers for timely blind deliveries. If you have specific delivery needs or questions, feel free to reach out.

For urgent requirements, select our “next day delivery” option for eligible products. Track your order seamlessly with our provided tracking link. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Measuring & Fitting Guides

For help and guides measuring and fitting please select an option:

Please select an option:

How To Measure Outside Recess

How To Measure Inside Recess

  • • Measure in 3 places for both the width and the drop, and always use the smallest measurements.
  • • Don't make any deductions from your measured sizes.
  • • Read and follow our guides for fitting within or outside the window recess.

Videos aren't your thing? Or are you measuring for bay windows? - why not try our new Step by step guide, you can select your blind type and your desired window setup.

How To Fit

Download our Sunwood fitting instructions PDF

Download our FauxWood fitting instructions PDF